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A gift voucher from Dubai Outlet Mall is a perfect gift for everyone who likes stunning fashion, or shoes, or accessories, or sports gear, or homewares, furniture or pretty much anything. You'll be giving the coolest as the value of your gift go so much further with discounts of between 30% - 90% most times.

Gift vouchers can be spent in over 200 participating top brand name stores at Dubai Outlet Mall. Vouchers are available in AED 25, 50, 100 and 500 values to suit every budget and they're valid for one year.

There would be nothing better to receive than a Dubai Outlet Mall gift voucher for every special occasion and for interactive or bonuses. Buy your Dubai Outlet Mall gift vouchers now from the Customer Service desk Ground floor DOME area near Starbucks cafe or phone +97144234666 for further details.

The Outlet plus card qualifies for further discounts and value shopping. It is valid for one day only and comes with a list of participating outlets. You can get Outlet Plus Card from any Customer Service Desk. To learn more please contact us at +97144234666 or email

At Dubai Outlet Mall we are prepared with a First Aid Room for any emergencies during shopping. For more information check at any Customer Service Desk, or call +97144234666 for any emergency.

Our multi-language customer service staff has been carefully chosen to attend to all the needs of our broad customer base. They speak 11 different languages such as Arabic, English, French, Farsi, Russian, Turkish, Urdu, Hindi, Chinese, Tagalog and Kyrgyz. You can find Customer Service Desks on the Ground Floor Dome area (main entrance) or the ground floor Center Court entrance.

We provide free wheelchairs for tired, sick or elderly people to have a comfortable stay at the mall. Ask about the wheelchairs at any customer service desk or call +97144234666.

Baby changing facilities are available throughout the mall. Ask about the nearest baby changing facilities at any of our customer service desks.

We provide rooms for a Mother & her Baby and a Father & his Baby. The Mother & Baby Room is provided with a colorful kids’ playing area. The rooms are located on the First Floor near the Food Court which should be convenient for families. Please refer to any of our Customer Service desks for more information.

The baby carts are available for rent at the DOME entrance. The carts are colorful with attractive designs, it will make your kid rather excited during your shopping, and will also provide plenty of space for your shopping bags.

You can access internet anywhere in the mall, as we provide a free WIFI coverage. However, if you like working at a cafes, Tim Horton's, French Bakery, El Mondo Café and Starbucks provide access to the internet.

Two praying rooms are available for both men and women. The praying rooms are located on the First Floor next to Food Court with bathrooms at a convenient distance.

You can find ATMs of Emirates NBD & Mashreq conveniently located at various locations in Dubai Outlet Mall.

If you misplaced or lost anything during your time at the mall, please check the customer service desks or call Customer Service on +971 4 423 4666

We all know kids and how sometimes it is possible to lose track of them. To keep the stress level at a bare minimum, we hired a highly efficient team to interfere immediately to locate lost children.

Charging Station's Avalilable at the Mall

Dubai Outlet Mall provides a modern photography studio which offers advanced technology in Photography and Digital Editing.

A complete list of all of our stores and promotions are listed on the store guide printed in Arabic, English, Russian, Farsi and Chinese. The store guide is available at any Customer Service Desk.

Luggage can be stored free of charge during mall hours.

To keep your luggage please proceed to Customer Service desk located on the Ground Floor Center Court entrance.


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